My 5 Favorite Drug Store Foundations! ^_^

Hello and Salaam gorgeous creatures!

Today’s topic…drug store foundations! I have a list of 5 drug store foundations (if you couldn’t tell from the title) that I’ve grown a little fond of. These are affordable, easy to get and for people of my skin tone, easy access. Although, I do feel that there should be more shades than what is in the stores. For women that are very fair or on the deep side of skin tone chart, it becomes quite a quest to find a drug store foundation in their shade so a lot of them shop only in the high end department, which can be expensive. :/

I’m a HUGE Maybelline fan but I had recently crossed the line into L’Oreal foundations. I have oily/normal skin and usually where it’s oily the most is the t-zone area and my cheeks, especially when wearing makeup.

Of course this will be short and sweet, just keep scrolling down. 🙂


When it comes to foundation, I’m always on the lookout for the “holy grail” of foundations. 

Above are 5 of my favorite foundations that I either got from Wal*Mart, CVS or Rite Aid. With everything, there are pros and cons. For these being drug store foundations, you kinda get what you pay for. It’s not going to last all day but I usually get through about 8 hours of wear with these…if I manage to do it right.


This picture is without a flash just to show you the texture of the foundations.

  • Maybelline Dream Velvet (Caramel 92): This foundation is quite thick. I tried to blend this out with just a damp beauty blender but it wasn’t having it. I couldn’t get it to spread the way that I wanted it to and it dried fast. I think the best way to use this foundation is to use a dense, flat tip brush and blend in circles. It’s about 3-4 hours before I have to blot my face.
  • Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse (Caramel Dark 2): This foundation isn’t as thick as the previous one. It’s a little more liquidy so it has more give. From my own personal experience with this I feel that it can be blended out with both a sponge and a brush. It doesn’t dry as fast as the Dream Velvet does so you have more time to work with it. For this one it’s about 3 hours before I have to blot.
  • Maybelline Fit Me (Cappuccino 340): I love, love, LOVE the heck out of this foundation! BUT I think that this one is too … orangey. I used to have the one for normal skin but ya girls face like to act up and shine too much. I was thinking if I mix this one with one that is one shade lighter, it might be bomb. It’s pretty thin so it can be blended with a sponge or brush. I prefer a sponge, personally. Idk. Blot time is about 3 hours again.
  • L’Oreal Infallible Pro Matte (Soft Sable 111): I don’t know you guys, I don’t know…recently, I’ve been loving L’Oreal products. Normally I’m a Maybelline chick but I’m starting to lean towards L’oreal, for the time being anyways. This matte foundation is super matte. Like, don’t it fool you because it’s not high end. This kept my face matte for about 4-5 hours before blotting, no joke! It’s amazing! This is a thin foundation that can be blended with a sponge.
  • L’Oreal True Match (Creme Cafe W8): This last one is my ultimate favorite out of the bunch. I think that I might have to get another one because this is my go-to foundation. It has a thin consistency so blending with a sponge is easy and no problem. And if I use this with the NYX Shine Killer and L’Oreal Infallible Matte Finishing Spray, it’ll last for hours. Seriously. I was so impressed at the result of using this together. I didn’t have to blot for almost 5-6 hours. By the time the 8th hour came I didn’t want to take the makeup off because of how good it still looked. Definitely 5 out of 5 for this one!



Here is the same picture but with a flash.

That is all that I have to today! Make sure comment what your favorite drug store foundation is, I wanna know! 🙂

Until next time! 😀