BH Cosmetics Contouring Palettes (and something extra!)

Hello and Salaams once again! I have already talked about the lovely eyeshadow palettes in my previous post but now I want to share with you guys the BH Cosmetics contouring palettes…both 1 and 2.

They were having a deal that if you buy x amount of product you can use a code to get a mystery item. That mystery item was the small neutral eyes to go palette in the featured picture.

These pans inside the contour palettes are freakin’ HUGE! I didn’t think that it was that big until I go it, so that was a nice surprise. ^_^

As usual, let’s get into the pictures and break everything down.


This is the featured picture (duh!) and these palettes are bigger than you think. The mystery item (smaller palette) is perfect for a simple, nude eye look and it is small enough to fit into your purse. As I’ve said before, BH Cosmetic products are of wonderful quality at a wonderful price. You can get them here: Contour & Blush Palette. These were originally $19 but they were on sale for $12.50 each. You can get them for $12 each.


This is the first palette.


This is one is my favorite one. The colors are super pigmented and soft to the touch. If you do use these, go light. A little bit goes a long way! 


Starting from the top left we have the white color. This is more of a translucent powder and is meant to set the makeup. The second color is more of a camel color, third is a blush, very pigmented pinky color. Fourth is another light, tan color. Fifth is the deeper of the browns, perfect for people with my skin tone and perfect for contouring. Last is another blush. Again, very pigmented and beautiful. This one is lighter than the first blush. And when I said that these are super pigmented, I ain’t lying! I had a hard time wiping these off my hand to swatch the other palette, so use with caution!


This one is amazing too!


I feel that this palette is made for people with light skin tones. The colors aren’t as dark as the previous one but still very much pigmented. You can rock either or no matter what skin tone you have.


Starting from the top left again, we have the lighter of the six which is the white one. And then we have a softer tan, beige, soft golden color, dark brown and almost a peachy color. The dark brown you can barely see on me since it matches me so well.


This is the small mystery gift that I got from BH Cosmetics. It’s a cute little palette that fits in the palm of your hand. All colors have a shimmer to it. I couldn’t find this particular palette but you can browse what they have. BH Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palettes


This will make for a perfect nude/natural look for any occasion. 


From the top left we have all of the six colors. Beautiful as always and so so much color! This will make a gorgeous neutral nude eye. Oh my, yes!

Well y’all, that’s all I got for now. If you are in the market for a contouring kit that isn’t gonna cost you an arm and a leg, consider looking at BH Cosmetics to fit your needs. Everything comes nicely packaged via USPS and you’ll get your items in as little to 5-8 business day (or depending on which shipping you pick).

I have more that is on the way so stay tuned for those. Also I have a “Miss A” haul and a “Boxy Charm” box that are waiting to be unwrapped!

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Until next time! 😉


BH Cosmetics Palettes And Brushes

Hello and Salaams, guys! For today I have such pretty and interesting things to share with you and they are all colorful, soft and fluffy! ^_^

Recently I bought a few palettes from BH Cosmetics that was completely on a whim. I hadn’t planned on getting anything from them but tax returns said that I needed a few treats for myself. 🙂

In the featured picture you can see 3 palettes, one polka dot brush set, eye essential brush set and a lippie. I have been buying from BH Cosmetics for a few years now and I have loved everything that I have received so far. The quality of the product is amazing, the eyeshadows are super pigmented even on my deep complexion and the wear lasts all day as long as you use a primer. This is the first time however that I bought a lipstick from them.

But let’s get on to the pictures and I’ll give the deats down below under the pictures. 😉


Can we PLEASE give these brushes a hand clap and 2 snaps? These polka dot brushes are soo amazingly soft! And a “YAAASSSS, honey!” to that deluxe fan brush!


All of the brushes in this set come individually wrapped in this polka dot case. You get 11 brushes for $19! 11 Piece Pink-A-Dot Brush Set


You can get your look using these brushes too. Goes perfect with any eyeshadow to make whatever look you want. The brushes are super soft and durable. Very easy to clean too.


This is the box that these brushes come in. Get yourself a box for $10! Eye Essential 7 Piece Brush Set


This is what the matte lipstick comes in. Cute little package. ^_^


This is just a simple swatch on my hand. I love how creamy this matte lippie is. Wonderful product and color!


This is how much product you get this lipstick. I plan on getting a few more colors at some point and sharing them with you all. I really wanna get my hands on those Missy Lynn Lipsticks but they’re out for now. :/ Anyways, you can add to your lipstick collection here for $5.50 a pop! Color Lock Long Lasting Matte Lipstick


Here is a real treat for your lips! 28 different colors for whatever you feel that you need them for. There is something for every shade and skin tone here so you won’t feel left out. The colors are very pigmented (as usual :D) and have a shiny finish. Obviously I didn’t have the chance to try any of these out yet but I’m pretty excited to mix and match to make my own customized look.


And here is what this box looks like. You can get this for $12 on their site. Ultimate Lips 28 Color Lipstick Palette


I really like this one. It has all matte colors with a touch of bold. That green color in the lower left hand corner is bomb! Super matte, super pigmented and long lasted wear throughout the day for an affordable price! Can’t beat that!


Here is what it looks like inside the box. You can get that here for $12: Modern Mattes 28 Color Eyeshadow Palette


Here is what the palette looks like without the box that it came in. As you can see, these eyeshadows have a bit of shimmer to it save 1 or 2. The black part that the eyeshadows sit in is made of plastic. It feels kind of cheap but as long as the product stays put, I’m good. 😀


28 different colors for so many different occasions! This is what the palette comes in. I love how these colors are mostly nude, perfect for everyday use. When I bought this there was a special going on on their site (something like 2 palettes for $14.95) so the prices may differ but you can get this single palette for $12. Essential Eyes 28 Color Eyeshadow PaletteAmazing palette!

That’s all that I have for now! I did manage to pick a the contour palettes from them as well but I’ll save that for another post. Keep an eye out for my video (my YouTube channel) featuring these palettes! ^_^

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