10 Dollar Mall Haul (sort of) :)

Hello and Salaam you wonderful people! 🙂

I wanted to share what I got from the online store called 10 Dollar Mall (as the title reads). This “haul” isn’t exactly something that is huge since I only picked up a few items but I thought that I should share with those that read my blog.

I’ve been ordering from here for a couple years now. I heard about it from a YouTuber (NaturallyNellzy) and have been hooked since. They also have a lot of different clothing and shoes for both male and female, accessories, purses/bags, jewelry, that you can pick from. The shipping comes through UPS and you can pick from 3 different kinds of deliveries. I ordered this on Friday morning and got it today (2/9/16) and that was with standard shipping.

They are having a sale throughout the whole site right now. I believe that it lasts until tomorrow so you best get on that shopping before it’s done!



With your orders you get invited to share your haul on YouTube if you are interested to do so and they will refund you the shipping. Pretty cool, huh?


These are super cute and simple. Plus they were only $6.49!


Side view!


These are actually a pair of palazzo pants. I love the tribal print because it’s kinda wild. They have a string around the waist that you can loosen or tighten to your own comfort. These were $5.00.


This is a dress that comes down to the knees. I figure that I can lounge around the house with this or run some errands. It’s simple, practical and I believe it was only $7.49.

That’s all that I have. I only got just a few items since I wasn’t in need of anything else. If you are looking for some new threads, shoes, accessories or even something for your dude, this is the place to go!

I have a video up on my channel if you want to check it out. ^_^