March Boxy Charm!

Hello and Salaams you gorgeous candy drops out there!

How you doin’? Me? I’m totally swell and today I have a for you, the reader, viewer, whatever you want to be called, a show and tell of what I got in this months Boxy Charm.

Now usually I post this every month but last month I seem to have forgotten about it. I kinda had a lot going on, so please forgive me. 😦

Anyways, as the title says, this is the Boxy Charm box for the month of March, so enough with the chit-chat, let get it innnn! 😀




Above we have 3 pictures. The first is from Makeup Geek in the colors “shimma shimma” and “frappe“. These are really just refills that you can place in a magnetic pan that you can customize yourself. The second is the name of the product on the back and the last are just a couple swatches on my hand. The top is “frappe” and the bottom is “shimma shimma“. You can find them on their site for $6 a pop. 🙂



Next we have a eye brow pencil from Chella. This is in the color “tantalizing taupe“. It’s a beautiful dark brown color that should be perfect for my dark brows. The swatch is the dark line on my hand (next to shimma shimma). You can get this for $18 off of their site.


I love getting any kind of brushes from companies. The only thing that sucks is when I have to clean them all. -_- Above is a Luxie Beauty 512 contouring brushThese sell for $16 on their site. It’s soft and this one is smaller than a regular contouring brush to help get that face slayed, yaaasss!

And lastly we have a couple of bottles! The sideways, wonky picture is a travel size perfume by the beautiful Catherine Malandrino and it’s called “Style De Paris“. It literally smells like spring and will last for quite some time. You can get the full size for $65 on Amazon. Next bottle is by Clark’s Botanicals and it’s a anti-puff eye cream (in case you can’t see what it says). I’ve read that some females that were using this product starting to have burning sensation under their eyes but you should have a barrier before using this product. You can use a thin layer of lotion or another eye cream that doesn’t burn or irritate the skin before using this one. Don’t hurt yourselves ladies…;)

And that’s all me got for this post. Be sure to stick around for later post and head over to my Facebook and Instagram pages to keep in touch!

Until next time! 🙂


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