Hijabs/Scarves For Less!

Hello and Salaams ladies!

Today I thought that I’d bring to you a short post about hijabs/scarves that I had purchased last month from Hijab Girl. I used to order from here often in the past and thought that I would give it a go again.

If you don’t know what a “hijab” is, it is a head covering that practicing Muslim women wear. But if you are not Muslim or don’t wear hijab, you can still order from this site regardless.

The scarves are shipped from Amman, Jordan and are shipped through DHL. Now, back in the day I used to get these scarves in the mail. I’m not sure why it has changed. Maybe it’s just something that depends on where you are.

They also have more than scarves to pick from. They have hijab pins (holds the scarf in place), underscarves (keeps scarf from slipping in the front), arm sleeves (kinda like an extended t-shirt for your arms, minus the shirt bit) a hanger for the scarves (pretty much self explanatory, iamrite? :D) too. There are also different kinds of scarves such as the one and two piece amira, square and oblong. This site has a lot to choose from such as plain, patterns and glitter scarves. They are decorative but not overly done.

Right now they are having a “30 for 30” deal where if you spend over 30 dollars you can put a discount code in to get 30% off your order. Certainly worth a look-see if you are a hijabi or just like scarves in general.

But enough chit-chat, let’s get to the pictures! I didn’t wear these I only took pictures of the scarves. I’ll leave a link under the pictures that will take you directly to the site. 😉


This is a super soft, super light scarf. It has little bits of glitter in it to give your look a little bit of oomph. You can find this here: Blue Confetti Wrap 


This is the scarf out of the package. It may look lighter due to the lights that I was using to take the picture.


This is a red one in the same style. Red Confetti Wrap 


Beautiful color! 🙂


Same style, different color. Green Confetti Wrap


This kind of material is perfect for spring and summer days since it’s super light.




This style is a bit different. Although it is still lightweight, it’s a little bit more on the plainer side, which is what I like. Brown Weightless Wonder Wrap


Super thin material as you can see. 


Same style but in gray. When I bought this I got this in just a plain ol’ gray color. It seems that they don’t have any more of these but they do have light gray. Light Gray Weightless Wonder Wrap


Very soft to the touch too.


This is a reddish brown color. Fire Brick Weightless Wonder


Beautiful color!

I left links to the different colored scarves but it might take you to the style of the scarf instead of the particular color. If it does you can choose from there, if you are inclined to do so.

The confetti wraps are 100% polyester and measure 175 x 80 cm (about 69 x 31 in). These should be hand washed only and then hung to dry.

The weightless wonders are also 100% polyester and measure 185 x 93 cm (about 72 x 36 in). You can wash these in the washer on light or delicate and hang to dry. Personally, I would wash any scarf by hand unless it is of a thick, durable material.

I reckin’ that’s all she wrote and by she, I mean me (of course). Come back next week for more interesting stuffs and topics.

Until next time! 😀


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