NYX Purdy Lips! ^_^

Hello and Salaams, folks! Today I have a super short, super nude post to share…not THAT kind of nude! What the heck are y’all thinking?! >_<

Anyways, as the title says, this post is featuring a few NYX (NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream) items that I bought from *Ebay (more info on that down below) of all places. Now I know that you’re probably like, “Dude, what? NYX items? I get those all the time.” *rolls eyes* Yeah, well, where I live they don’t really have those kinds of items readily available for sale. Not ’round these parts!

The lippies that I got are 5 different shades of nudes, because you can never have to many of ’em, amirite?! 😉

I reckin’ it’s time to get to the pictures, eh?


Here are the 5 gems that I was talking about. I have 2 other ones that are not shown here called “Monte Carlo” and “Copenhagen”. Monte Carlo is a deep red color, one could say like the color of blood and Copenhagen (my fav from those 2) is a beautiful egg plant color.


I’ve been wanting to get these ones for a while now. There are also pink ones too but I’m not too sure how I’d like those (not a fan of pink lip anything).


Going from left to right: there’s “Abu Dhabi”, which I need to visit at some point in my life, “Athens”, another amazing place, “Zurich”, “Cairo” and “London”. All of these places wonderful! ^_^


I took another picture with the flash so that you could see it better (I’m so considerate…lol, j/p). “Abu Dhabi” and “London” are my 2 favorite out the the 5.

All of these colors are beautiful, earthy shades and are seriously matte. Like, if you plan on wearing anything matte, make sure you put on some lip balm or chap-stick. If you don’t like I did before, your lips will feel like you were out in the desert for days. Also make sure to exfoliate your lips first. Any kind of matte lippie is an unforgiving one if you have chapped, ashy Larry-looking lips.

Also if you have a deep skin tone like me you may want to line your lips with a lip liner that is a deeper brown shade when it comes to the lighter nudes. Not all nude lippies look the same with every skin tone. That shade “Cairo” will make someone that’s my tone look like they just ate a powdered doughnut, no joke! >_<

*Remember how I said that I bought these from Ebay? Well, I guess it’s only right to share the link from whence it came, right? I just happened to come across this person and I have bought from her several times since. Every time I place an order, it comes fast (like, order on Saturday and get it Monday fast) and the packages and products are in great and unused condition. The name of the store is called KATZ-IBeauty and the user name is “lolli734” and you can get there by clicking the store name. She has just about everything for sale so filling your cart should be a simple task. All of the lippies were $5.99 each and shipping.

Here are the links to the **NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams so you can see for yourself! 🙂

**Some items might be out of stock.

Hope you enjoyed this short read! This store is totally legit otherwise I wouldn’t have share her with you all. Go on and take a gander! I hope you find what you are looking for!


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