January Boxy Charm Box! ^_^

Hello and Salaams you people! Yeah, I know…I was supposed to get this out on Saturday, but you know…life happened.

Anyways, sorry to keep whoever reads this dangling on a string. I finally get the chance to share the Boxy Charm items for the month of January and let me say that it’s freakin’ awesome!

Dude, I was hoping that there would be a palette at some point and I’m glad that I got my hopes up cuz for real, I’m lovin’ this month’s box! I seriously have been waiting for a couple weeks to use everything because I wanted to share it all on my la-di-da-blog.  ^_^

If you are interested in seeing what everything is, keep scrolling…and of course, I’ll leave links below so you can check them out yourself.


Obviously, this is the box that the items came in. If you don’t know by now, this is what you get every month from Boxy Charm. It’s a simple looking box but what’s inside is the best part! (duh… :))


As soon as I opened the box I saw a woman staring me down. Beautiful eyes though. 😀 Everything looks soo inviting!


Now, remember when like, 2 seconds ago I was going on about a palette? THIS is what I was talking about! I LOVE any kind of palette. A palette for you face, a palette for your lips, a palette for your eyes, I really don’t care as long as it’s a palette. 


Can you see why I was going on about this? Just look at those gorgeous colors! My eyeballs are in heaven! This “Revealed Smoky Palette” from Coastal Scents cashes in at 39.95 (and it seems that they are having a sale!). There are 20 different shades to make so many bomb a$$ looks! Most of these have a shimmer to it except a few. And can we talk about that golden shimmer one (fifth one on the top)? Gurl, yass! I can’t wait to rock that one! 


To apply eye shadow you have to have tools to do it with, amirite? So in this months box…(or should I say January since it’s February?)…they gave us this “Royal & Landnickel Brush Set” that will cost you 23.97 is you were to buy it from their site. Inside you get a BX-80 detail brush, a BX-90 crease brush and a BX-95 smudger brush. These are 100% vegan synthetic brushes so they won’t wear as fast as a natural hair brush.


I should note to that these brushes are sold individually on their site and these particular ones are 7.99 each.


Next we have this tube. Awesome Boxy Charm…I always wanted a tube!…


LOL, just kidding. There’s mascara in there somewhere. This treasure from Blinc (with a “c”) makes those lashes POP! I’m super excited to try this one out because it’s not like regular mascara. This one actually makes tubes on your lashes so you can apply as many times as you want to get that dramatic look. This came in the color black and is waterproof. This will also charge your card 26.00 if you are interested in buying it from their site. This one is my second fav, since I’m always in the market for mascara. Like, no joke. ALWAYS.


And lastly we have this eyeliner from Starlooks. This also came in the color black which cool. I’ve gotten one from Ipsy before using my points and I liked it. The felt tip makes it easy to apply the liner, especially if you are new. This lovely stick of drama with cost you 19.00 if you are looking to increase your eye liner collection. I did a swatch on my hand with this and I have to say that this will keep and keep and keep. The swatch on my hand is still there!

Well, that is all that she wrote and by “she” I mean me. I’m really diggin’ these items from January’s box. I can’t wait to get my hands on that Coastal Palette, thoooo! 😉

As per usual, I hope that you enjoyed these mediocre pictures and random jokes or whatever. If you follow Boxy Charm on Instagram or Facebook, they are already giving out *sneak peaks* for this month. I can’t wait to see to complete box! I hope that you guys return for that post. That’ll be fun, right? ^_^

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