Shop Miss A Haul

Hello and Salaams! If you couldn’t already tell, I have for you the reader, a peek at the Shop Miss A haul that I was talking about last week. And again, if you don’t know, everything there is 1 dollar excluding some of the charms which are 5 dollars or lower. This month they are having a promo of free shipping with orders over 30 dollars. The shipping isn’t too much, it’s only 3.95 here in the U.S and I believe 5.95 for international but don’t quote me on that one.

Down below are a whole bunch of pictures that I had taken of the swatches of the eyeshadows, lip liners, eyeliners, lippies, all of that. So, if you’re interested, keep scrolling and have a look-see! 🙂


This is there oh-so-obvious orange shipping bag. They ship via U.S.P.S and you also get a tracking number for your package.


Here is a group shot of everything that I ordered. I absolutely LOVE that “BOSS” beenie! ^_^


A simple black beenie with rhinestone on it. Super cute!


These are eyeshadow pencils that are by Santee. They didn’t give and name or a specific color, just numbers.


I did a couple swatches and took the picture with a flash so that you could see it better. The blue one kinda reminds me of a Periwinkle color and the other color is more like a Nude. Both go on super smooth.


This is by Malibu Glitz and the name of this one is “Wakiki Pearl”. It’s a beautiful white with a bit of glitter in it.


“Wakiki Pearl” without a flash…


…”Wakiki Pearl” with flash.


These are all the Klean Color items. The very top are liquid eyeliners with their own auto eyeliner build in. A duo if you will. Below that are the jumbo eyeshadow sticks. Under that are the cream shadows. The stick below the cream shadows is a lip liner. To the top right is a hydrating lippie and the last 4 are just plain ‘ol lipsticks.


These are the Klean Color eyeshadow cream pots. They glide on beautifully, have a a shimmer to them and are quite creamy which makes for an easy application.


The colors go from left to right, “Turquoise”, “Fuchsia”, “Thunder”, “Lilac” and “Skyline”.


Here we have the Klean Color jumbo eyeshadow stick. These colors are super pigmented and bright. Especially perfect if you are trying to make a bold statement.


The colors are as listed from left to right: “Frosted Ruby”, “Citron”, “Fuchsia Kiss” and “Fire Glow”. I like Fire Glow the best out of the bunch.


Klean Color lip pencil. This particular on come with a pencil sharpener.


With a flash you can see it better. Also this is the color “Champagne”.


I really like these items. They are liquid eyeliners with an auto eyeliner. Make sense? On one side there is the liquid part and the other side (handle) has the eyeliner pencil part that you can twist up and down.


The colors for these are (from left to right in pairs) are “Gold”, “Teal” and “Green-Vibe”. The Teal eyeliner has a felt tip while the other two have more a brush type tip. These are a great idea except the pencil bit breaks too easily which means that you may not have the chance to use it or it will break while in use.


The plain ‘ol lippies that I was talking about earlier.


You can really see the vibrancy better with the flash on. These go on super smooth, they’re nice and creamy and smell good too. Shades are (from top to bottom) “Coco Malt”, “Natural”, “Earth” and “Holiday Red”.


This one is a winner! It adds the perfect amount of color to your lips without being over bearing and has a gold shimmer to it.


This hydrating lippie is in the color “Copper Red”.


Elf quads. Very nice for a more casual look.


With a flash, this quad is called “Butternut”. For my skin tone, this will make a super chill look without over doing it.


“Butternut” quad with out the flash. You can barely see it.


This quad is called “Pretty In Pink” and that is a very fitting title. Soft colors make for a soft and easy-to-do look.


“Pretty In Pink” without the flash.


L.A. Colors has really stepped up their makeup game since I was in high school (over 10 years ago, *cough cough*). 😉


This is a lipstick that I bought before but in a different shade. There are 3 different colors in 1 stick, so a 3-in-1 lippe.


No flash. This is the color “Third Time’s A Charm”. Love the idea of getting 3 in 1 stick.


When it comes to L.A. Colors eyeshadows, I remember not being very pigmented or maybe I was just to dark, idk. But I’m impressed with the improvement that this company has made in their products. This by the way is the eyeshadow palette that was shown above.


And the palette without the flash. This comes in the color “Orchid”.


And lastly we have the the lip liners. I always liked L.A. Colors lip liners as they are good quality for the low price. Going from top to bottom we have the colors “Chocolate”, “Hazelnut”, “Coper Bronze” and “Nude” which totally proves itself considering you can barely see “Nude” on my hand, haha. PERFECT!

That’s it! I hope that you have enjoyed this extremely long blog post! Again, if you haven’t tried out Shop Miss A, give it a try, you may like it.

Stay tuned for next weeks post of Novembers Boxy Charm! 🙂


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