Shop Miss A Haul! ^_^

Hello to all you wonder and amazing people out there! 😀

Today…err, tonight, I wanted to show you some goodies that I got from Shop Miss A. If you don’t know yet, it’s an awesome place to get everything for 1 dollar. Yeah, crazy, right? But it’s true thoooo! Anyways, as usual, this is mostly pictures of what I got so I hope that you’re ready to take a gander! Don’t worry, I’ll have my thoughts of all things listed with a link to the product.

This is a cute necklace that I saw on their site. Thought that it would be nice for my mother and I to share.

This is a cute necklace that I saw on their site. Thought that it would be nice for my mother and I to share. You can get that here: Mother & Daughter Necklace


This is a concealer stick by Kleancolor called “White Lies”. I’m not too sure about this since it appears to have a very orange undertone to it. I’ll try it out to see how it works anyways. Check it out here: White Lies Concealer Stick


This here is a pressed compact powder foundation in the shade “Dark Almond” by Kleancolor. I did a swatch of this on my hand and it was very light, I think a little too light for my complexion. But it’s very soft, comes with a mirror and a sponge that you can use. It probably would be good for a setting powder for a highlight which you can get here: Fresh Answer in Dark Almond


Lovely falsies from Kleancolor again. I believe that these are bottom lash falsies as they appear to be too small for the top lid but I’m sure that they can be used to either or. Take a look: Angelic Wink


This foundation is in the shade”Toast”. The product is creamy but I don’t think that this will do too well in the areas that one has creasing and wrinkles. This is also way to light for me so I won’t be using it for a foundation but for a highlighter instead. You can see it here: Amuse Flawless Foundation


Another foundation, another fail. Again, this is too light for me so I will be using it for a highlight. This one has a pump and it’s in a tube so it feels kind of odd trying to get the product out while you’re also squeezing the tube. My goodness! I don’t think that I’ll have to buy highlights for a long time! Have a look-see here: True Self in “Honey” 


I absolutely LOVE this color! This is a beautiful gray eye shadow crayon pencil by Santee that goes on matte. Kind of has a bit of blue undertone to it whic reminds me of the color Periwinkle. I think that it would look wonderful on a smoky eye look. Santee Color My Eyes


This is called Summer Glow by Amuse and it’s a body and face bronzer. I think that this will be great for the winter time since I tend to get a little pale (yes, me!). I did a swatch and its a beautiful shimmery copper on the left and soft gold on the right. Unfortunately, it’s not available for purchase but you can browse the other items that they have: Bronzer


If you want to get a flawless look, you have to make sure that you color correct and conceal. This particular item is a concealer palette. I did do a swatch of this on my hand and they feel nice and creamy except for the white one in the middle. That one feels too waxy. But you can have a look here: Concealer Palette


I really like the idea of this lipsticks. There are 3 colors so you can use the same lipstick and get something different every time! I actually have 2, one it the color “Trilogy” and the other in the color “Neapolitan” but I couldn’t find the picture for it. :/ They are also sold out of these as well but you can take a look at the other selections here: L.A. Colors Lippies


A foundation brush that I found while browsing. I needed another one so I thought that this was a good time to take the opportunity to get one 🙂 They are sold out of this as well but here is a link to check out there other tools: Kleancolor Tools


Another brush from Kleancolor, this time it’s an angled brush. Perfect for getting those eyebrows on point, honey! 😉 Kleancolor Angled Brush


My second bronzer that is basically the exact same shade as my own skin. It’s very light and might make a good concealer. RAWR


And finally to the last item! This is a L.A. Color jumbo eyeshadow pencil and it has a beautiful deep purple color, like an eggplant with what looks like a metallic/shimmery aspect to it. OMG, this color is super gorgeous! Tropical bliss 

That’s everything that I got! You can browse and shop by clicking here: ShopMissA. My overall opinion of this site is that it’s a really great place to get your accessories for cheap and not worry about breaking the bank on something. The shipping is only 3.95 in the U.S. The only thing that I wish that they could do is get their hands on some deep, darker shades of foundation for females that are darker complected, such as myself. Sometimes it’s difficult for me to find something that is the same shade as me as most drug, grocery stores don’t cater to women of colors. BUT none the less, I absolutely love this site and will be returning often and hope that you will try it out too if you haven’t yet. 🙂


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