Affordable Fall Lippies!

Hey ladies! :mrgreen:

I thought that this post would be a perfect time to pull out some deep dark lippies for Fall so what I did was go through my draw and got what I thought would be nice to rock during the Fall months. I have a small list of reds, purples and browns that will put you in the mood for Fall fashions and don’t worry, these are super affordable! 😉

First up are the reds.  The first swatch is from Wet ‘n Wild (which is my go to for lippies) in the color “Cherry Bomb” that sells for $1.99. You can find this brand anywhere that sells makeup, it’s a very well known brand. Next is the L.A. Colors in “Matte BlackBerry”. I love how deep this color is! This one I actually bought from (where everything is a dollar! 😁) but you can find them in your local drug stores or dollar stores. Last is my fav from Sacha Cosmetics ( in the color “Read My Lips”. This runs for about $12 on their site. It’s super duper matte so you’ll have to make sure to exfoliate and wear some kind of chapstick underneath.


This camera is good but doesn't do the colors justice. Super gorgeous, deep red colors for Fall and look great on any skin tone. 🙂


Wet 'n Wild, L.A. Colors and Sacha Cosmetics

The next batch of colors that I thought would be nice are a group of purples. I always liked purple lippies, especially the darker ones. First up is from L.A. Colors in “Matte Sheer Violet” that I also got from This is the lightest color in the purple groups but I feel that it’s worth mentioning. The next two swatches are from by Wet ‘n Wild for $1.99 each. The first of the two swatches is in the the color “919B”. Yeah, weird right that this one doesn’t have a name but the color is UH-MAZ-ING! 😁 The second Wet ‘n Wild swatch is in the shade “Ravin’ Raisin”. The last two colors are again bought from ShopMissA and are from Kleanista. These originally have names but they are not on the tube of lipstick. Both have a wonderful color and are perfect for the colder months.


Love all of these colors but my favorite out of the bunch is the one with no name, "919B"


Again, camera and lighting don't do these colors justice.

Lastly are the browns. I love me some beautiful, brown lipsticks! 🙂 First swatch is from Wet ‘n Wild (of course ;)) and it’s called “Spiked Rum”. Next two swatches are from L.A. Colors in the colors “Taupe Envy” and “Rich Caramel”. Gorgeous shades of brown! 👏 And the last three are from Kleanista. Again, the names of these colors from Kleanista don’t have them written on the tube for whatever reason but the colors are labeled on the site (ShopMissA). The only color that I do know is the one that I wrote on the tube and that is the color brown (lawl 😂).


All of these colors are gorg (to me anyways).


These go on smoothly. The Kleanista colors may have to be applied more often than the Wet 'n Wild or L.A. Colors lippies but not bad for a one dollar lipstick!

I like high end makeup but it’s not practical for me only because I don’t wear makeup every day and I kinda don’t want to spend a lot of money on that kind of stuff only because I’d rather buy clothes. 🙂 But every now and again I like to splurge and get a few items from Sephora. I tell ya, it’s so much easier and more affordable to buy makeup from you local Wal*Mart! 😆

I really hope that you enjoyed this short list of Fall Lippies and are inspired to make your own unique look that is wallet friendly.

See ya next time! ✌


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