Great Falls Annual Balloon Festival

Hey Ya’ll! šŸ™‚

FINALLY I have a chance to get on this blog thingy and make a short but very photographically filled post. Over the previous weekend I was able to get as close as I felt comfortable to the Great Falls Annual Balloon Festival that takes place here in Maine in the Lewiston/Auburn area. The place was packed with people of all ages waiting with anticipation forĀ the hot air balloons to dot the late afternoon skies, including me.

Now, I for as long as I can remember the festival would take place every August. In my younger years I knew that when I saw those balloons in the air, the beginning of school was soon to follow. Being 29…ish and theĀ festival being in its’sĀ 23rd year, I now get to share the tradition of watching the hot air balloons with my own family. I think that I’m the only one who get excited for it though. Did I mention that I’m 29…ish? >_<

While we were there I was able to snap some fairly decent pictures of the balloons that were afloat, hear a live band and watch the masses go this way and that to there choice area of balloon watching. There is more than just hot air balloons in the sky though. On the other side of the bridge that I was on there was a small carnival full of rides, games and all the fried dough that your tiny little heart desires.

Anyways, enough lollygagging. Let’s get to the pictures! šŸ˜€


Getting started!


Love the smiley face.


From where I as at, it looked like they were colliding with each other but I assure you, they were fine.


Must be a great view from up there.


This one is pretty.


Is that a man person on the bottom?


Yeah, that’s definitely a dude man hanging from the bottom of the balloon. Brave guy!


The air up there…


Very beautiful!


This one reminds me of candy for whatever reason.




I think that is supposed to be the American Constitution on the side. Pretty neat.


Re/Max and more candy. >_<


This one is cool looking too with the shadows on the other side.


Took this one as we were leaving.


The pretty one again.


And lastly that one guy that is braver than many. Bless his heart.


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