10 Dollar Mall (again)

Okay, it’s been a little while since I made a post but since I’m at the library I figure that I’d make a really quick one about some super cute shoes I got from the 10 dollar mall.

I mentioned this place before a few posts back and I ranted and raved at how wonderful this place is, and believe me, I wasn’t lying. Down below are some pictures that I took of the shoes. I think my favorite pair are the blue with the black straps across the middle. But enough talking, go have a look-see for yourself! 🙂


These 4 inch heels have a cute lil strappie thing that goes around the ankle. Perfect for special occasions! 👍(p.s. don't mind the blue yoga mat. 😆)



These are super cute and super easy to walk in. The material feels soft like suede and these also have the cute ankle strap.



These are your plain old black wedges. Not really anything different about them which makes them great for a casual get together.



These wedges are my favorite for sure. These babies let me go from 5 foot 2 to 5 foot 7. Major height with these ones.



These ones are cute too especially with black pants or skirt.


All of the shoes listed above are a size 9, and I believe that they are all made by a company called Qupid. The style is easy on the eyes and of course, very affordable (this IS the 10 dollar mall we’re talking about).

As far as comfort goes, you ain’t gonna find it here. They are okay for an event that you don’t have to walk around in but if you plan on traveling and site seeing with any heels, you’re gonna be in for some hurting and tired toes. I think these are best for the office or something of that nature.

Before ordering from this site I was kinda hesitant because I wasn’t sure if they would be true to size. I can reassure you that they are. I feel that the wedges give more room for your feet but for platform heels, you might have to go a size higher. Not all of the shoes are made by the same company. But if heels and wedges aren’t your thing, there are also many sneakers, flip flops, boots and flats to pick from.

With all of that being said and done, I’ll leave you with the site and will be on my way! Happy shopping! 😆

Get your shop on here http://m.10dollarmall.com where everything is 10 dollars or lower!


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