Easy, Fancy DIY Nails

Hello ladies! 👋

Today I have a super cute, super easy DIY for your nails. This one is so easy in fact, you may already have the items at home.

All you’re going to need for this is:

1.) Nail polish, any color you want


This is the color that I picked along with the base/top coat

2.) Top coat/base (the clear kind. I like to use top coat for both the base and and top, Mainly because I’m too lazy to buy and apply a base coat polish, haha)

3.) Lastly you will also need some of those metallic temporary tattoos. You can find them at places like Wal*Mart and online stores. I personally prefer Wal*Mart because it’s only 1 dollar per sheet. You can’t beat that! 👍:)


Tattoo sheets that I got from Wal*Mart. They were only a dollar too!

The first thing you’re gonna do is paint your nails with a base/top coat first so that the color from the second nail polish doesn’t stain your natural nails. If you don’t mind the staining, just skip this part.


Paint your nails with the clear coat first

After the base/top coat dries, paint your nails with the second nail polish of your choice of color. I like to use a dark color because it stands out more when I place the temporary tattoo.


Then use the color that you want

When the second nail polish has dried, cut the piece that you want from the temporary tattoo sheet, place it on your nail and apply the tattoo as if you would on skin. Use a damp rag on the piece of temporary tattoo and wait for about 10 seconds or until the tattoo has come off of the sheet onto your nail completely.


Here are the tattoos that I picked

And BAM! Now you should have a painted nail with a temporary tattoo that looks maahvelous, daahling! 😁


And here is the finished application of clear base, color polish, tattoo and clear top

Once you’ve finished all the nails with the tattoo bits, you can use the base/top coat to secure the second polish and tattoo. And don’t worry, if you are ready to take everything off, plain ol’ nail polish remover does the trick.

See? Super easy, right? This is one of my favorite fancy nails to do when I have the time.


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