BH Cosmetic Brushes! 😊

Hey all!

Today I’m coming at you from my tablet with a very quick post and with these super soft, super affordable BH Cosmetics brushes. I was going to wait to make this post because I kind of wanted to do a small haul for you guys but I figured that I’d jump right in instead. BH COSMETICS  3

With this set you get 10 brushes for 19.95 and if you use the promo code (not sure if it’s still available), you also got a free mystery gift, which for me was the small kabooki brush on the upper left hand side. As you can see the brushes come in a clear bag with a solid orange color on the back. This set gives you everything from a round blending brush to small one. Perfect for blending creams and liquids to achieve that “yaaasss gurl!” look.

They are made with a wooden handle, with a beautiful black finish, dual-fibers and gold like metal. They’re actually a little bit heavy which is nice. They also clean easily too.

Personally I think it’s totally worth the buy since BH Cosmetics always has good quality products for a low price. COSMETICS  2


I know ya’ll see that Real Techniques beauty blender! That thing is BOMB!


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