Muslim Struggles?

While people are bashing a religion that they most likely have no decent knowledge about, they could be doing something productive, like helping the poor, donating their time to a local food bank or even just cleaning up the street that they live on. All of those things and more can help the community and it’s people as a whole. It can help the people that live there inspire others to do and be better than what they were the day before. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem that that is what some people are choosing to do with their time. Of course not everyone is going to like what you like or do what you do, but is it really necessary to put one particular group of people on a whipping post just because you don’t like it?

If you haven’t caught on already, I’m a Mainer. I was born in Maine, I grew up in Maine and I basically never left Maine except for a few vacations with family when I was a kid. I grew up inside of a Christian household. My great uncles were/are pastors of their own church that I attended frequently as a child. Now, unless you’ve gone to a black Pentecostal church, then you will know that when they went to church, they went to CHURCH, honey! Like all day. But that was when I was a kid.

Fast forward to the age of 20, when I decided to convert to Islam. That was my own decision that I made by myself. No one made me do it, I wasn’t being held captive, it was something that I wanted to do on my own. Willingly. In the first years of my conversion, my family had an issue with it and I guess that I can understand where they are coming considering that I basically grew up in the families church. They probably felt that I was throwing away everything that I was taught but I didn’t. But if we are born with free will, why can’t I use my own free will to do what I feel is right for me?

I remember several of my close family members were upset when I converted and said “I had my own religion”. But my thought was how could they try to school me on something that they don’t even do? The ones that had the fit were the ones that were still drinking, smoking and partying well past the age of 40. I was 20 years old and was over that already. I even had one family member say to me that they were going to have a family meeting and “bring me back to Christianity”. That was really surprising to hear from that person.

I honestly think that the issue with my conversion was the hijab. If I had become a nun and started to wear a habit, I’m sure that they would be completely fine with it. But that would be because I would still be from the same faith as them. What’s funny about this is the ones that didn’t drink, smoke or party were the ones that didn’t say anything. They were the ones that were actually going to church every Sunday and were staying away from those things that altered your mind. They were the ones that I expected to hear from the most.

But as life went on, every now and then someone would say something to me that was meant to be disrespectful or hurtful. There has been a few times people have told me to “go home” or “go back to your own country“. And usually when something like that happens, it’s from a man. What they don’t know is this is my country and my home is just around the corner. Always has been. Now, don’t get me wrong, not everyday that I venture outside I get these crazies telling me off. It honestly happens only once in a while and in passing. No one has ever came up to me saying these things. Most people are nice and sometimes are rather curious.

Living in Maine as a black Muslim woman so far has had it’s shares of up’s and down’s. Some people think that I’m Somalian so sometimes I get stares or rude comments but even Somalis think I’m Somali so I guess it’s okay, haha. I truly believe that we as Muslims need to do is start educating people that want to be educated. Let’s try to put an end to polluted “knowledge” about Islam. Unfortunately, most people flock to their t.v.’s and news apps and see these terrorists making a bad name for the ones that practice Islam and naturally that’s how the viewer is going to see the Muslim population as a whole.

Let’s try to do better to be nicer, more tolerant, more giving, more patient but most of all let’s try to follow Islam. We as humans tend to learn better through the actions of others.

*If there are any negative comments they will be deleted and you will be blocked. Of course you are entitled to your freedom of speech but I’m also entitled to my freedom of block and delete! 😉


11 thoughts on “Muslim Struggles?

  1. Salam Alaikum,❤️
    sister I totally agree we need to be the primary source of I am Muslim and Proud. Knowing how to answer these questions not only from speech but our Islamic behavior as well. May Allah reward you, I am here for you sister, I hope we can all stay strong, Ameen!

    • JAK sis! ^_^ Sometimes it can be difficult to keep a quiet mouth when you really want to tell someone off or even just defend yourself. At first it was hard for me but it’s gotten better. Most of the time I don’t even notice that someone has said something, haha 🙂 And ameen to the dua! ♥

      • Yeah I defend myself when I know I can do it an the best way possible especially if someone is spewing misconceptions and when they have no authority to speak about Islam. It is really hard May Allah reward you, Ameen (:

      • It definitely can be difficult sometimes. When I was a teenager I used to get in trouble with my grandmother sometimes because I always had something else to say, lol. Now and days I try to hold my tongue. People are crazy and think that you are the bad guy when you are even just defending yourself. Alhamdulilah though because I sometimes really oblivious to things like that happening or I don’t hear what they say and I guess I prefer that over actually hearing what they said. Sometimes the crazy black lady in me wants to come out and tell them to fly a kite in some traffic! >_<

      • Hahah my mom says the same thing! I haven’t shut up since she got me😁😅 yeah we should stick up for ourselves but sometimes it’s best to just not respond … we need sisterhood I feel it’s better to have a support group to get us through all this hate, or the good and bad times In Sha Allah ❤️

      • Definitely! My grandmother did not play! All she had to do was give me that death stare and I was good, hahah >_< But yeah, I totally understand you on that. Some folks feel that they can treat you however they think is appropriate and it's all good until you start acting like them towards them. smh…But alhamdulilah, that kind of stuff only happens to me only once in a great while. Most of the time I'm mean mugging the whole time I outside like "I wish somebody WOULD say something!" bwahahaha j/k. I'm super duper chill and usually like to think maybe that person was havin a bad day or something.

      • Aww hahah , my mom is the same way, she will whoop my little sassiness in shape. 😊 That’s good that you are positive and you try to just let it go and make an excuse for their ignorance , MashAllah I am going to try to do the same.

    • JAK Amira face! 😀
      I was gonna write about the protesting that was going on in Phoenix but I decided to make it something a little bit simpler. I think that I’d rather write about my own experiences than what I see on t.v. Just seems easier that way.

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