Easy DIY Projects

Hey there! Welcome back! You miss me? No? … Okay then! Moving forward! 😉

Today I thought that I’d bring you a couple of DIY tips, tricks, whatevs, that you can do without needing to run to Home Depo for everything. Most of these items might already be in your home right now as you read this. The first thing that I decided to do was clean my room, cuz really, who wants to have newly made arts and crafts items in a room that’s messy? Idk, not me. The next thing that I figured I’d do was make this: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/489836896947254227/?fb_ref=411305515876901512%3Af8b044b961e9db05db82

Now, mine fails in comparison but the idea behind it is still pretty neat and makes the atmosphere super chill.

Here is what I got.

This is my

This is my “CynnBadd” lamp. If I was a little bit more patient I could have made swiss cheese out of this lamp shade but it is what it is and I like it! ^_^

Its simple, it’s easy and you only need just a few Items to make it. Here’s what you’ll need:

What I did was tape some black construction paper to my lamp shade, used the white paper to draw my design and then made the holes with a needle. I wanted more of a fit so I cut the excess paper off the lamp. When I was looking at the pinterest link, it looked like the lamp shade was painted. I don’t have fabric paint so I used the black paper (fyi, this lamp is not on all the time everyday, just a few minutes at a time because I’m barely in my room).

You can take a look for yourself by clicking on the above link. The person that posted this really didn’t give a full walk through of how to achieve this look (or it could be that I didn’t see it) and here is that link: http://www.alittlecraftinyourday.com/2014/10/13/22-diy-lamp-revamps/

There is my lamp shade, black construction paper, tape, white paper, sewing needles and scissors.

There is my lamp shade, black construction paper, tape, white paper, sewing needles and scissors.

**Just to make sure you people who read this don’t try it and then burn their homes down I want to state and make clear that you need to make sure that you are using a light watt that is specifically named on the lamp. Make sure to use the lamp shade that came with the lamp or is something that is meant to be used as a lamp shade. Don’t do this while the lamp shade is plugged in. Be sure to take the lamp shade off FIRST before decorating with holes. ALWAYS use safety while doing any kind of home improvements/decorating. You want to be sure that you come out alive and well to show others your unique work! 😀


All set then? Moving forward! 😉

The next thing I didn’t “make” but I wanted to be able to see my scarves in the light. I used to keep my scarves hung up on a butterfly scarf holder that my mother-in-law gave me a few years ago in my closet but it broke. I still use it but when I kept my scarves locked away in that dark closet, never seeing the light of day, so it was hard to see what colors whey were. Why? Well because I don’t have a light in my closet (that very well may be my next diy mission!). All I did for this was hammer some nails into my wall and hang the scarves up by color or however I thought it should go. It’s probably better to go to Home Depo for some cute and fancy hooks to use that won’t snag on the scarves (I might do that next too!).

My scarves that I hung up using nails and a hammer. Again, use some hooks so that the scarves own't snag and make the look your own! :)

My scarves that I hung up using nails and a hammer. Again, use some decorative hooks so that the scarves own’t snag and make the look your own! 🙂

Anyways, it’s easy and simple to do. Just don’t bang your fingers with the hammer! 🙂


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