Picture Apps

Don’t worry, this will be short and sweet 😀

I’ve already posted about how I like using different filters to make my pictures more “dramatic” and tonight 10:06 est, I wanted to shed light on what I like to use to make them that way. I usually do all my editing on my tablet or computer. Some apps that I like to use are pics art, mirror image and photo wonder. These ones are usually easier to use because I’m always on my tablet checking out makeup, hair and hijab tutorials. ^_^ When I do get a chance to get on my computer I like to use a site called http://www.picmonkey.com/. This site gives me all the tools that I need when I’m in the mood to create something amazing.

They are very fun to use and easy to navigate which makes making the unique photos truly one in a million.

Here is the original picture (the 1st one) and the rest that I made using the apps:cynthiawarner1cynthiawarner2cynthiawarner3cynthiawarner4cynthiawarner5

Using the mirror image app. This is where is get fun! ^_^

Using the mirror image app. This is where is get fun! ^_^


I told you this was short and sweet! 😉

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