The Legend Of Zelda ^_^


Small Zelda collection. The manga comics are from our local library.

One of my most favorite games EVER is the franchise of The Legend Of Zelda (LOZ). For those that don’t know, LOZ was created by Shingeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka that was developed by Nintendo. Now, this blog isn’t to inform you of who made the games, why and when but to inform you of my love for the game, if you’re interested.

Most people like playing a great game from time to time and as for me, one of those games is LOZ. I can remember being a kid and playing “A Link To The Past” with my little brother. When I look back on it now, I smile because of all the nostalgia that surrounds it. We never beat the game but we always had fun playing it together. To this day I never actually beat the game (sigh), but my son did…multiple times, haha.

Another favorite of mine is the Ocarina Of Time (OOT). That game I did beat! (go me! ^_^ ) That was one that I did beat in my high school years, senior year to be exact, over 10 years ago now. There was just something about that game that kind of sucked me in and allowed me to feel as if I was in the characters shoes. I actually loved that game so much that I thought that it would be a grand idea to try and write a story that took place after Link defeated Ganon. In the story Link grew up and him and Malon got married and she was excepting. In the middle of the night, Link received a message from Zelda (much like the one from “A Link To The Past”) saying that she was yet again, in trouble. The story goes on from there but I can’t remember it too well. I bet if I put a lot of effort into looking for it, I could find it.

I’ve played “Spirits Tracks” on the DS but I really didn’t like it that much. I guess I’m used to the console and paddle way.

The most recent LOZ game that I played was “Twilight Princess” and that one by far, is my ultimate favorite! The soundtrack, the way the characters look, the story line is amazing! Just beautiful!

But the one that caught my attention the most would have to be Majora’s Mask. I had this game but only played it for just a few days because it was borrowed. So I never got a chance to really emerge myself into it like the ones listed above. The overall mystery and sadness that come in this game can really make you think, if you’re into games that is. If you are one to theorize about different things then you might like this video about Link being dead in MM. But this is just a theory. 😉

If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, this video might. This video claims that Link didn’t actually die but entered a parallel universe. Both are pretty cool imo.

Regardless of the videos or games that will be released, I will always be a LOZ fan! (I’m 29) >_<


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