Messin’ With Filters

I wanted to share these last pictures with ya’ll before bed (bed? yeah right! I’m a night owl at heart!). This random thing I came up with while just being bored! It was about 6 months ago and I was feelin’ my creative bone. I was jonesin’ for something that was different and unique but not completely crazy so the brain pain came up with this. The first two are the original pictures. I was using some glitter that we had bought from the Dollar Tree (I don’t suggest anyone do that! If you’re going to use glitter make sure that you use glitter that is meant to be around the eyes!) around my eyes and on the corner of my lips. I also used a very dark, vampy red lipstick with black lip liner (who uses that anymore?) on the outer parts of my lips.  IMG_20141021_024403 IMG_20141021_024414

The second set of pictures are the same pictures but with a filter. Lawd knows I love me some filters! The make the pictures so much more dramatic, imo. I like the way that dark pictures look. I say, the darker, the more mysterious. 😉CynthiaIMG_20141021_032540


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