THIS Is Where I Need To Live!

So just recently I made my way down to Portland and stayed for a few days. I had already anticipated the stay since I’ve been there before but in all of my fabulous 29 years of life I’ve never been to the Maine Mall. Like, seriously?! Yeah, seriously. As far as I can remember I’ve never been, maybe when I was a little kid but I have no recollection of it. As I was driving towards South Portland I watch all the cars whizzing by in a hurriedly fashion trying to get to their destinations. They had no idea that I wasn’t familiar with that area and that I trying to read all the signs as I drove, haha.

As we (my husband and myself) drew closer to the shopping area we could see that it was overwhelmed with every kind of person that you might ever want to meet. People from all walks of life, which was nice and refreshing, really. Portland (unlike other places in Maine) is a very diverse city. Full of people from different countries, ethnicity, religions . . . it was great to finally step out from my hometown and experience something new and exciting. But that wasn’t the reason why I was so darn excited . . .

That reason was of course, all the makeup that I was about to be surrounded by! Oh my yes, stores and stores of product that my hands could not stop touching. We’re talking Sephora, Ulta (which isn’t IN the mall but right next to it), Macy’s, just to name a few. I was so tickled to just be there that I had a huge smile on my face the whole time walking around. Now, if you’re like me and live in a much smaller town/city, being in a place like Portland can be quite an adventure. Unfortunately we didn’t get to stay long because of other activities that were being held so I’m hoping to return later and do some major shopping . . . hoping . . . -_-

You can find more information of the stores that are in the Maine Mall by clicking on this link!

Tree And Sky

A picture of a random tree in Portland


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